Reflexology and the Brain-Gut Axis-Salisbury, NC

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April 12-13
Salisbury NC

Reflexology and the Brain-Gut Axis

Perhaps you are aware that the Vagus Nerve sends 80-90% of it’s communication to the Brain.  The Brain then assesses that information and communicates back to the Body making up the other 10% of the “conversation.”  This makes balancing the Vagus Nerve a valuable part of a Reflexology protocol when addressing:
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Grief
not to mention
• Pancreatitis
• Blood Pressure
just to name a few

Discover the difference Reflexology can make!

This class is designed to familiarize you with anatomical and reflective locations of the Vagus Nerve and its branches.
14 ARCB ceu’s have been assigned to this education.
Class cost: NCRA Members 275.00
(applies to members of out of state associations as well)
Non Members: 325.00
If registered before April 7
Members: 325.00
Non Members 375.00
All proceeds from this class will be contributed to NCRA to assist with efforts to ensure your right to practice in NC.
Register with payment to:
The Academy of Reflective Wellness
4010 Oak St
Salisbury NC 28147

You can also submit payment to PayPal at using the friends’ ad family option.

Upon receipt of payment, your class notes file will be emailed to you.  Please include the current functioning email you wish to receive your file to.
An additional $15 will be assigned to those who wish
The Academy of Reflective Wellness to print for you.

Contact Cynthia B Hill
704 636 4153 or

Reflexology and the Brain-Gut Axis

ARCB approved for 14 ceu’s
  • Specifics for Reflexologists
  • First Christian Church 613 Statesville Blvd Salisbury NC 28147
  • April 12-13 from 9:00-5:00 each day