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Breast Cancer Patients Turn To Reflexology For Comfort

East Carolina School of Nursing Study funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health. 

Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D, Barcelona, Spain (email contact)
Effects of Foot Reflexology for High Blood Pressure

National Center for Biotechnology Information:
Effects of foot reflexology on essential hypertension patients

Researchers Study Reflexology and its Effect on Cancer Pain
East Carolina University School of Nursing Study

Breast Cancer Patients Turn to Reflexology for Comfort
 Michigan State University College of Nursing Study

Reflexology Reduces the Requirement and Quantity
of Pain Killers after General Surgery

Shweta Choudhary, Ph. D. (Dept. of Biophysics)
Dr. Guresh Kumar
Dr. Kulwant Singh (Dept. of Biostatistics)
All India Institute of Medical Science

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Efficacy of Reflexology in Prevention of Post-operative Nausea

An Interview with Dr. Marc Piquemal

The most complete collection of Reflexology Research Studies from around the world, courtesy of the American Academy of Reflexology, Bill Flocco, Director:

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