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Face Reflexology Sorensensistem.tm
is a new holistic complementary therapy that helps you look good and feel good. It integrates Three Ancient Alternative Healing Therapies: Traditional Chinese Meridians and Points, Vietnamese Face Mapping and South American Mapuche Facial Reflex Zones with modern neuro-anatomy. (More information)

Lone Sorensen is teacher and founder with schools in Mexico, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Poland , Finland, England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Japan and most recently she has been teaching in Dubai and Abu Dahbi.


The North Carolina Reflexology Association is proud to have partnered with Lone Sorensen in 2009 to bring the full Professional Facial Reflexology courses to the US.  Continue watching our site for new class offerings in the future and please feel free to contact us for any further information.  To contact a Certified Facial Reflexologist, see our listings on this site at the link below:

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