Professional Members of NCRA (National Board Certified Reflexologists)

Through the American Reflexology Certification Board ARCB®, eligible applicants can sit to take board examinations in foot and/or hand reflexology. Successful applicants will have passed a 300-question, legally-defensible, psychometrically valid test; submitted 30 documented session forms for successful review; and passed a hands-on practical exam to earn the designation of National Board Certified Reflexologist (NBCR). Continued status requires 24 hours of approved continuing education biennially.

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The following members are Nationally Board Certified (NBCR) through the American Reflexology Certification. Click their name to see their ARCB listing.

Tacy Apostolik, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
Asheville/Weaverville,NC 28787 
Certified Reflexologist, Omega Institute
Certified Sorensensistem™ Facial Reflexologist
Certified Sorensensistem™ TCM and Neuro Foot Reflexologist
Internationally Certified Aromatherapist, Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy

Cheryl Burke, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
3646 Sunset Avenue
Rocky Mount, NC 27803
Business Phone Number: 252-955-9945

Holly H Erson, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
PO Box 251
Black Mountain, NC  28711
Office Number: 828-808-2956
School:East Meets West Reflexology – Instructor: Tacy Apostolik, ARCB 
NCRA Member since 2014

Jean Glickman, NBCR (National Board Certified ReflexologistARCB)
Home/Office Address: 14530 Murfield Ct.
Charlotte, NC 28278
Office Phone 678-801-6064
Home Phone: 678-886-9067

Joy Lynn Harrison, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
3504 Highway 153
Greenville, South Carolina 29611
Certified through the Academy of Reflective Wellness, Salisbury,NC

David Henry, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
Hendersonville NC  28792
AAR #3-2002
ARCB #B00753
Sorensensistem™ Certified Facial Reflexologist
NCRA Member since 2001

Cynthia B. Hill, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
RAA (Reflexology Association of America Board Member)
Salisbury NC  28147
My Blog
IIR #6406
ARCB # B01159
LMBT #2286
Maternity Reflexology #1066
RAA #2767
Sorensensistem™ Certified Facial Reflexologist
NCRA Member since 2000

Brenda Isenhower, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
Statesville, NC 28687

Connie Kern, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
1932 Havilah Road
Fayetteville, NC  28303
NCRA Member since 2019

Lila M. Mueller, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist-ARCB)CB, C.R.R, ART (Regd)
See my YouTube Video here
Ray of Hope Reflexology, LLC
640 Main Street
Belgium, WI 53004-0161 (USA)
Reflexology Association of America (RAA)—past Board of Directors
RAA Recording Secretary
Acting President of the Integrated Reflexologists of Wisconsin, Inc (Facebook Page)
Preceptor for St. Luke’s Medical Center Integrated Medicine Program
Sorensensistem™ Certified Facial Reflexologist
Japanese Cosmo Lifting 1
ARCB #B01297
NCRA Member since 2008

Phaedra Neely, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
NCRA Treasurer
1100 Logger Court Suite F103
Raleigh,NC 27614
ARCB #B01142
NCRA Member since 2004
Kristen Walker School of Reflexology (UK)

Judith Nourse, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
Hendersonville NC  28739
IIR / AAR / LN /
ARCB #B0306
LMBT #661
Maternity Reflexology
NCRA Member since 2000

Dana Plummer, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
Sole Healing Reflexology
327 Coddle Market Drive NW, Suite 120
Concord, NC  28027
Telephone: 704-299-2748
Mailing Address:
9517 Guildbrook Road
Davidson, NC 28036
ARCB #B01705
School: Healing Scents Reflexology, Asheville, NC

Linda Shanock, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
Wellspring Wellness Center
960 Tunnel Rd
Asheville, NC 28805

Terry Lee Smith, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
2601 Southern Gates Drive
Greensboro, NC 27410
NCRA member since 2016

Matthias Weinschuetz, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
ARCB # B01797
Integrative Massage Concepts of Charlotte, Inc.
& Compression Wear House
6747 Fairview Road, Suite D
Charlotte, NC 28210
Compression Wear House: 980.297.7263
Toll Free: 844.432.6871
Fax: 704.364.4377
Therapy: 704.904.1462
NCRA member since 2020

Daryl D. Weisberg, NBCR (National Board Certified Reflexologist – ARCB)
1375 S. 16th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
International Institute of Reflexology
Nationally Board Certified: The American Reflexology Certification Board
NCRA Member since 2015