The North Carolina Reflexology Association


Why ARCB?…


To be listed as a Professional Member of NCRA, our members must hold a current certification with ARCB, The American Reflexology Certification Board. The North Carolina Reflexology Association has been working with ARCB, the only independent reflexology certification board in the US, to maintain standards and legitimacy for the stand-alone practice of reflexology. As a self regulating organization, In the nearly 30 year history of ARCB, there has NEVER been an ARCB certificant charged or suspected of involvement in any illicit activity

ARCB History

The American Reflexology Certification Board® is an independent testing agency for the field of reflexology. ARCB® is a legally constituted, non-government entity incorporated under California Law as a non-profit corporation and is IRS tax exempt. It has been set up precluding self interest and private financial gain to serve the Reflexology field and protect public safety. ARCB’s®primary aim is to accomplish this through certifying the competency of those reflexologists practicing professionally who meet certain standards. In keeping with industry and professional standards, effective January 1, 2020, all applicants for certification will be required to pass a background check before taking the exam. A second objective is to act as a national referral board for certified practitioners.

Founding ARCB

As early as 1986 in an article “Consider the Profession” in Reflexions, Jan/Feb/Mar issue, reflexologists began discussing the need for a certifying board within the profession. Then on January 20, 1989 Larry Clemmons of Chicago sent out an invitation to leaders in the field to join him in developing some kind of accrediting board to test professional reflexologists. This began the works toward a Certification program. Under development for several years ARCB® was formally founded in March 1991 with legal incorporation. Nationally known educators were invited to participate in the study guide development as well as the initial test. The first certification test was given in Los Angeles, California on January 12, 1992.

ARCB Governance

The ARCB® is governed by the corporate by-laws and a seven member board of directors who serve without compensation. The directors come from across the United States. The membership, structure, powers and duties of the Board of Directors are established and defined in the Bylaws of the American Reflexology Certification Board®. Six of the seven directors are practicing reflexologists on either a full or part time basis, who represent the profession and practitioner community and one director may be a ‘public member’ who is not a reflexologist and represents the public interest.