NCRA Board of Directors

Cynthia B Hill – NCRA President

Cynthia B HillCynthia practices reflexology at Shalom Regel Reflexology – The Academy of Reflective Wellness in Salisbury, NC.  She became interested in reflexology over 28 years ago. She has served as NCRA President and RAA Delegate for many years. Cynthia has supported reflexologists throughout the years in many capacities. She plans to continue supporting her colleagues as she records and reports the news and events in the NCRA newsletter and official archives.

Terry Lee Smith, NC LMBT #1765, NBCR – Vice President


Health modalities, interests and certifications are listed below:
• Retired Xray & Nuclear Medicine Technologist Licensed Barber & Cosmetologist( Florida )
• Associate Polarity Therapist
• Touch For Heath Instructor, Certified 2017 Healing Touch Level 4
• NC LMBT #17656 (2018) Neuromuscular Therapist, Certified 2018 Kinesiology Instructor (2020)

Long ago, after reading Mildred Carter’s “Foot Reflexology” a number of people gave me positive feedback on their sessions. This sparked my initial interest in the field. I later discovered Eunice Ingham’s “The Stories the Feet Can Tell” and I became hooked. From 2013 through 2019 I completed course work from International Institute of Reflexology Levels 1-3. I also attended the Academy of Reflective Wellness graduating in 2015. I became ARCB certified in 2016.

Jean Glickman, NBCR – Recording Secretary


I am a nationally certified reflexologist through ARCB and a member of RAA. I was a member of GRO (Georgia Reflexology Group) and on their board until I moved to Charlotte last year.
From experiences my family and I had in dealing with health related issues, I came to understand that symptoms were just our bodies trying to communicate to us that something was wrong. I became frustrated when it often seemed our health care professionals were more concerned with silencing the body than getting at the root of the problem and healing it. I realized the body was created to constantly work to stay in balance and healthy, and that the best healer of my body, was my body itself. I stumbled on reflexology while looking for a modality that would encourage and come alongside the body, to help it function as it was made to.

Starting in 2013, I took my first reflexology course, an aromatherapy course and eventually the advanced reflexology course with Roz Zolinger, at her clinic in Atlanta, Heal Center. I went on to get my ARCB certification and started practicing part-time going on 2 years. I recently took Thai reflexology taught by Karen Ball through her Academy of Ancient Healing. While on the GRO board, I sat on a legislation committee, as we were dealing yet again with the massage board trying to pass a modified version of their massage law in which they sought to take away our exemption. During this time, I had the privilege to speak before a GA house sub committee on behalf of reflexologists.
Part of my practice in Georgia included going to health food stores 1 to 2 times a month to talk to patrons about reflexology and do mini sessions. I especially enjoyed getting the word out about what a wonderful, natural, safe modality it is.

Eva Gajewski, NBCR – Administrative Secretary