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North Carolina Reflexology Association Current News:

The NFWL (National Foundation for Women Legislators) Health and Empowerment Policy Committee endorses Reflexology as “as part of a holistic, comprehensive, and patient-centered approach to care.”

NFWL Reflexology RESOLUTION (passed Nov 2012)

Sorensensistem (TM) Facial Reflexology, Module 1 Class took place
October 14-15, in Belgium, WI. Facial Reflexology, Module 1 and TCM and Neuro Foot Reflexology are new to the Mid-West. Lila Mueller, ARCB (NCRA Professional Member) instructs both Sorensensistem (TM) classes as well as Korean Hand Therapy for Dr. Dan Lobash, Ph.D

Student’s name (L to R): Jason “Jay” Malzewski (Student), Jane Tilly, R.N. (Reflexologist), Troy Reed (Reflexologist), Lori Thomas (Massage Therapist and Reflexologist),  Lyn “Lexi” Mueller (Student), and instructor Lila Mueller (front)