East meets West Reflexology Full Certification Course-Salisbury, NC

Western Reflexology and TCM:  the perfect match
Interested in Facial Reflexology by Cyndi?
New Class Dates for 2018/2019
Instructor:  Cyndi Hill, ARCB

Certified by The American Reflexology Certification Board

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East Meets West Reflexology Certification Program

300 hr program
This is a 300 hour program of education (200 contact hours and 100 project hours for a total of 300 hours)  that builds from our foundations in Reflexology to our present day knowledge.  Each module is $450 each if paid by Early Bird Schedule, $500 after:

Bring to class Moving the Energy by Lilian Morten

Classes will be held at: First Christian Church
613 Statesville Blvd.
Salisbury NC 28147


  •  Module 1  Basics Reflexology
    1. History
    2. Theories of operation
    3. Foot pathologies
    4. Techniques
    5.  Anatomical terms
  • Module 2 Order in the Session
    1. Review from 1st mod.
    2. Intake forms
    3. Charting a session
    4. Body Systems
  • Module 3 Build the Bones
    1. Aroma therapy Introduction Body System Oils.
    2. Foot Pathologies Techniques
    3. Build a foot: bones of foot and lower leg.
    4. Introduction to coming attractions in TCM
  • Module 4 TCM and Reflexology/ Midterm exam
    1. TCM and Reflexology
    2. Elements
    3. Paired organs
    4. Meridians
  • Module 5 Spine • (Assignment 3 clients 3x each)
    1. Nerves to organs
    2. Intro Dermatomes
    3. Intro Myotomes
    4. Work on instructor
  • Module 6 Muscles and Meridians
    1. Mapping muscles in the body
    2. Relation of muscles to meridians
    3. How to use the information
    4. Review of program
    5. Exam.  And documentation of 3 clients 3x each.