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Welcome to THE North Carolina Reflexology Association Professional Website
NCRA is THE North Carolina State Affiliate of the Reflexology Association of America


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NFWL Reflexology RESOLUTION (passed Nov 2012)

Reflexology – Does it work? – See our Research Study Page

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NCRA Website Contact

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Alicia Cowne (High Point, NC): http://renewal.reflexology-nc.org

Holly Erson (Black Mountain, NC): http://holly-care-blackmt.reflexology-nc.org

Cyndi Hill (Salisbury, NC): http://cynthia-hill.reflexology-nc.org/ 

David Henry (Hendersonville, NC): http://david-henry.reflexology-nc.org/

Geri Karr (Charlotte, NC): http://geri.karr-charlotte.reflexology-nc.org/

Alan Kent (Greensboro, NC): http://thenaturalway.reflexology-nc.org/

Rosie Turner (Winston Salem, NC): http://destress.reflexology-nc.org/